:: Schooling for dressage ::

Do you have a talented horse and want to bring the best out of him or perhaps a schoolmaster/mistress and not enough time to maintain his/her schooling?

22 years experience in dressage and showjumping; training of young horses, preparing your horse for dressage tests or showjumping up to 1.30m.; assistance in bringing your horse up from grass and getting them fit for leisure riding, competitions or shows. I am also available for exercising your horse to your preference during a week.

:: Schooling for showjumping ::

I am experienced in showjumping up to 1.30m. I am available for working with young horses, starting from the ground poles, cavaletti to gradually taking them to higher jumps: spreads, jumps with fillers and also grid work. The speed and quality of progress will depend on a horse. Some horses learn quicker than others. I am available for exercising your horse to your preference during a week.

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:: What I need to know before I can take your horse on ::

Any information will help, particularly it would be great for me to know:

  • Your horse's background:- if you have just bought a horse, are there any problems that the horse came to you with or developed recently; it also helps to know what type of stabling the horse had before, the way it was treated; what sort of work it was doing etc.
  • Horse's temperament
  • What your plans are, i.e. competing, leisure riding, showing, selling a horse
  • In certain cases I will need to see the horse under the saddle displaying the problems that you want to be corrected:- sometimes it is not the horse's problem, it might be the rider's mistake like not clear or incorrect aids or position faults that reflect on the horse's balance, suppleness etc., so it helps to see you both working together.
x-country training I am a BHSAI registered instructor and currently I teaching part time at a busy London riding school and I am also a freelance instructor teaching in East London and Essex. All types of horses considered.
If you would like me to come and see your horse and get a schooling advice or book a lesson please do not hesitate to contact me.

At present I am available in the following areas: Upminster, Aveley, Chigwell, Abridge, Romford, Hornchurch, Cranham, Harold Hill, Harold Wood, South Weald, North/South Ockendon, Warley, Brentwood, Coxti Green and East London and Essex, within 20 miles from Hornchurch.

Long-reining or lungeing
Jumping the bank, x-country
Cavaletti (groung poles)
Long-reining or lungeing your horse
Flat or jumping training for your horse
Cavaletti (ground poles) training

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